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A Swiss Morning After

Location: Interlaken, Switzerland Published: World Hum The two American college students eating breakfast at Balmer’s Herberge in Interlaken oozed a morning-after awkwardness that prompted me to perk up. I

World’s Best Cities to Drink Coffee

Location: Austria, Holland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, USA (Seattle, Washington) Published: World Hum Coffee culture means different things to different drinkers. For some, it’s a

Finding Amerika in a German Supermarket

Location: Hamburg, Germany Published: World Hum I was struck with mixed emotions recently—most disarmingly, a feeling of cultural rootlessness—while perusing the section labeled Amerika in the international food

Eight Best Cities for Street Food

Location: Morocco, Sicily, Zanzibar, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Berlin, South Korea Published: World Hum Every evening, 365 days a year, the Djemma al Fna, Marrakech’s main square,

Ode to the Summer Vacation

Location: Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA Published: World Hum The night before we’d depart for our summer vacation in the Outer Banks, I’d find my father

France, Interrupted

Location: France Published: World Hum Biarritz was winning. Or perhaps it was Paris. Either way, I was the only one who didn’t care. I wasn’t even

Mint and Djinns in Fes

Location: Fes, Morocco Published: World Hum We were in the kitchen washing bundles of mint for tea, sunlight streaming through the windows and the sound of