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Archipelago Magic

Location: French Polynesia, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand, Azores, Philippines, Aruba, Galapagos Published: Scuba Diving Magazine  Just the sound of that evocative word sets our tribe dreaming

Ocean Invader: Lionfish Rampage in the Caribbean

Location: Florida, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Honduras Published: Scuba Diving Magazine Seahorses. Yellow-head jawfish. Fairy basslets. Juvenile angelfish. Cleaner wrasse. Baby parrotfish.What has turned up in

Caged: Where to Dive with Great Whites

Location: South Africa, Mexico, California, Australia, USA Published: Scuba Diving Magazine For many, seeing footage of a great white is enough to up the pulse rate.

Eight Daring Dives

Location: Mexico, North Carolina, Tahiti, South Africa, Palau, Bahamas, Norway Published: Scuba Diving Magazine Some dives you’ll remember for a while. Others fade into the blue.

Where the Whales Sharks Are

Location: Mexico, Maldives, Belize, Honduras, Mozambique, Philippines Published: Scuba Diving Magazine Whale shark run-ins rank near the top of any diving bucket list. With a head

Eel-ectric Eels

Location: Bali, Vancouver Island (Canada), Bonaire, Philippines Published: Scuba Diving Magazine Gulping throats, unblinking eyes and a propensity to undulate out from under you – here

Dancing with the Stars: Swimming with Seals

Location: Mexico, British Columbia, California, Australia, New Zealand, USA Published: Scuba Diving Magazine With probing eyes and a topside awkwardness that gives way to mermaidlike movements

Fabulous Fiji

Location: Fiji Published: Sport Diver Magazine Tons of fish, fire-walking humans and soft corals in every color make Fiji fantastic.