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A Moveable Sicilian Feast

Location: Sicily, Italy Published: Endless Vacation Magazine Like their island home, poised like a soccer ball launched off the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicilians are a

Making a Splash in the Caribbean

Published: Endless Vacation Magazine  Location: St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, Curacao, Jamaica Sun-drenched beaches, cool ocean breezes and turquoise waters make the Caribbean vacation-worthy year-round. But savvy

On Location: Cocoa Beach

Published: Endless Vacation Magazine Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida There was a short period in time when I called Cocoa Beach home. It was not my

Affordable, Awesome Alps

Location: Switzerland, France, Austria Published: Endless Vacation Magazine  Taking the family on a ski vacation may not be easy on the wallet. But as lift

Top Caribbean Beach Bars

Location: Bahamas, St. Kitts, Jamaica, USVIs, St. Lucia, Aruba, BVIs, Grand Cayman, Turks & Caicos Published: Endless Vacation Magazine Not all Caribbean Beach Bars are created equal, but

Jump Into Jamaica

Location: Jamaica Published: Endless Vacation Magazine  At the Montego Bay airport, piped-in Jimmy Buffett music and pictures of performing dolphins conjure a could-be-anywhere-tropical vibe. But Jamaica

A Venezuelan Isle: Adventures on Margarita

Location: Margarita Island, Venezuela Published: Endless Vacation Magazine For those in search of adventure and a Caribbean vacation, it hardly gets more intrepid than Isla Margarita, some

Beachy Bahamas Getaway

Location: Nassau, Bahamas Published: Endless Vacation Magazine Snag a window seat on your flight into Nassau for long-before-you-land views that look like the South Pacific. The

Along Comes Vero Beach

Location: Vero Beach, Florida Published: Endless Vacation Magazine Just when you’re sure you’ve seen all that Florida’s sandspun shores have to offer, along comes Vero Beach.

Rich Pickings in Palm Beach

Location: Palm Beach, Florida, USA Published: Endless Vacation Magazine (PDF) “Addison Mizner built those wonderful vias [interior courtyards off Worth Avenue] that put shops on the lower level