Featured in: Centurion Magazine

Review: The Spa at The Breakers

Location: Palm Beach, FloridaPublished: Centurion Magazine Recently unveiled after 8-million USD in renovations, indoor and outdoor areas breeze together in the reborn spa at Florida’s legendary Breakers

Faroes, The Undiscovered Isles

Location: Faroe Islands, Denmark, Scandinavia Published: Centurion Magazine  Places tend to remind us of other places, and in some ways the Faroes are no different.

Gills to Tail Dining in Dalmatia

Location: Banjole, Pula, Dalmatia, Croatia Published: Centurion Magazine  What started as a family-run tavern in the coastal village of Banjole on the southern Istrian peninsula is evolving

In New Zealand: Perched on Pakiri

Location: New Zealand, North Island Published: Centurion Magazine Blessed by the local Maori tribe during a traditional housewarming ritual, Pakiri Point Boutique Lodge opened in late