Nassau with my Niece

You’re going to hear a lot about my nieces if you follow my blog. This is Maddy, the oldest of four awesome Florida sisters. Here, we’re headed out to snorkel a reef just off the island of New Providence, Bahamas. We never made it out to the reef, however. The waves were too rough, and we spotted just one fish – a baby barracuda in the sandy shallows. I just love Madelyn’s preparedness here. It looks like we’re embarking on a very serious expedition. She kept the snorkel in her mouth long before we got anywhere near the water. The first time I took her snorkeling was about a year ago, in the Florida Keys. She’d had lots of practice in her swimming pool at home, but there was no way to prepare the kid for what she would see when she put her head underwater. She shrieked with joy. She pointed her hands every which way at sergeant majors, trumpet fish and yellowtails. She popped her head up to say “I love it! I already knew I was going to love it, but I love it even more!” Then she went on shrieking through her snorkel and pointing out every fish in the sea. I love this kid. I can’t wait till she’s old enough to dive.

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