Why You Should Travel with your Kids who are too Young to Remember it

PublishedLonely Planet 

Location: Worldwide

I consider myself a tough traveller and never gave a second thought to whether having two kids under two would stop my wandering (of course it wouldn’t). But a recent flight from Colorado with my toddler nearly broke me. Not one to sit still for long, she howled and thrashed until I feared the seatbelt might hurt her, leaving no choice but to release her to rummage under the seats in front of us (apologies to the passengers in row 27). This trip, I knew, was one I would never forget.

It’s safe to say that Gabriela – just two years old – would never remember it. Not the hellish flight, not the sleigh ride where she steered two Belgian draft horses, nor the sheer chaos of our fondue dinner at a spot called Swiss Haven that was anything but. My kids had already been to the Arctic, North Africa and all over Europe by this point, too, none of which they’ll remember. Yet I’m already planning our next family vacation, because travel has done so much for my two toddlers’ socialization and confidence, as well as our family’s bonding.