Norway’s Best Experiences for the Family Trip of a Lifetime

PublishedThe Points Guy

Location: Norway, Alta, Lofoten, Tromsø, Henningsvær

I’ve been in love with Europe since my parents first took me on vacation to Germany as a kid and I discovered Haribo. The first time I visited Norway, about eight years ago, it was all over for me. Germany, France, Italy, Holland — they all took second place once I saw this incredible Nordic land.

Norway has the perfect mix of mountains and ocean, fjords and lakes, city highlights and free camping rights (allemannsretten is the national mantra that stipulates the right to roam and even camp for free on public lands).

Spending time outside and enjoying all of the county’s natural beauty with their families is something Norwegians do year-round. Trust them when they tell you “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing,” so layer on the wool to get out there and explore. Norway is a destination with as much to love in the winter months (northern lights, sledding) as in the long days of the midnight sun that arrives during the spectacular spring and summer.