Nighthawk’s Guide to the Caribbean

Published: Maxim

Location: Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Antigua, Puerto Rico

Caribbean nightlife has long been an oxymoron where tourists are concerned. Sundowners don’t count. Dancing to antique reggae while inhaling Banana Boat fumes doesn’t count. Long walks on the beach followed by high-thread count sex are great – and also don’t count. But (more often than not) the limitations of island life aren’t real, just the result of concerned, conservative concierges trying to keep foreign money on site. Vacationers don’t know where to go.

There’s the Caribbean of beach bars and boat drinks, to be sure. And the all-inclusive crowd (“Where are you from?” “Wisconsin!”) is all over that. But there’s much more than that if you’re willing to venture out beyond the novelty margaritas and mix it up. The Caribbean is way more exciting and considerably more welcoming than most Americans expect.