In Norway, The World’s First Energy-Positive Hotel

Published: Robb Report

Location: Northern Norway

In a remote area north of the Arctic Circle at the foot of the Svartisen glacier, one of the world’s most exciting sustainable hotel projects is underway. Slated to open in 2021 south of Bodø in Northern Norway, the Svart hotel will operate with 85 percent less energy consumption compared to modern hotels, will harvest its own energy, and will implement numerous energy-positive initiatives that will set a new standard in sustainable travel.

Designed by international architecture and design firm Snøhetta (of Oslo Opera House fame), Svart’s unique circular facade is more than just eye-catching, as it works to maximize insulation and energy harvesting as much as to capitalize on pristine glacier and fjord views.

We chatted with Snøhetta senior interior architect, Elin Vatn, to learn more about what is perhaps the most progressive sustainable hotel project of modern times