France: Skiing Behind Fjord Horses

Location: La Clusaz, Haute Savoie, France

Published: Rendez-Vous en France

“C’est super!” came the cries from strangers hiking in the snow, as they fumbled to find their cameras. Mais voila, I thought. Finally, I have figured out how to impress the French. And “C’est Super” was exactly what I was thinking as I skied along, pulled behind a charging horse along a path of freshly packed powder in the French Alps. Ski Joëring is a very old Scandinavian tradition that began as a practical form of transport in the snowy northern countries. There are only a few places in the French Alps where tourists can have the experience, and in modern times it’s all about a rush of adrenalin in beautiful surrounds. I was in the end-of-the-valley Haute Savoie ski village of La Clusaz, with the backdrop of the Aravis mountain chain, and powder from one of France’s best snow seasons heaped every which way I turned.