Alternative Destinations for 2014

Location: Grenada, North Carolina, Norway and more

Published: Men’s Journal 

I wrote this story for Men’s Journal and it got picked up by Business Insider, which ran it under the more sensational headline of “The World’s Most Overrated Destinations – And Where to Go Instead.”  Editors write headlines like this to encourage comments (aka to rile up readers and increase page views), and readers fall right into it and get all kinds of fired up that a writer could dare say Norway was a more worthy destination for nature lovers than New Zealand, or France’s Trois Vallées more appealing for a ski holiday with culture in the mix than Vail. Well, that’s my opinion (I’ll add to that Grenada over the Bahamas, any day!) – which isn’t to say I don’t think the other destinations are worthy in their own rights, too. There are just some places that move me more than others.  And I’m happy a story like this gets people talking (even if they’re mostly pissed off) – and hopefully up off the couch and out there in the world, too.