A Camping Adventure in Lofoten

Published: Conde Nast Traveler 

Location: Lofoten, Norway, Henningsvaer

No secret, Norway is a very expensive country.  But with Europe’s most spectacular landscapes and a pristine coastline that covers 63,000 miles, it’s well worth the cash outlay to spend time here. I’ve visited many times, and it’s hard to pick a favorite location among the fjords, coastal islands and jagged mountains. But if I had to point people to just one spot here, it would be the Lofoten Archipelago, just above the Arctic circle, where colorful fisherman’s cabins called rorburs hug the rocky shore and Teton-like peaks tower overhead. Visit during the summer months and take advantage of Allemansratten, a Norwegian law that dictates that all the country’s land is open to everyone – which means free camp sites with some of the most wild backdrops on earth.