2013 Dream Wall in Toulouse

“C’est quoi ton rêve?” It was a question to, well, make you dream. What’s your dream for 2013? But the way it was asked–as a streaming sentiment illuminated on a building in the pretty Place Charles de Gaulle in Toulouse, France–served a bigger purpose. To gather the community for what was essentially an interactive outdoor art exhibit. People from all walks stood, sat and laced arms around one another in the square to watch the building’s facade come to life with fanciful line-drawing art as tick-tocking music played in the background. A message projected onto the building asked everyone watching to send a text message with their dream for 2013, which would then be broadcasted as part of the spectacle. When the messages came, they splashed across the building’s facade as if airlifted from above by birds or tossed by Keith Haring-like figurines onto the bricks. It’s hard to explain, so I took this video to get the point across. I loved standing there in a square full of strangers, watching their dreams flash across the screen. Each wish so personal, and often so universal, too. There were proclamations of love, of course, desires for world peace, wishes to fall pregnant in the new year and general praise for Toulouse, the beautiful Ville Rose. One message just said, “Be brave, Katia. You’ll make it,” and I wondered if she would. But the message I remember most read: “I love you like crazy, like a soldier, like a movie star.” It sounds even better in French.

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